Seeking accurate/Up to date info on DynCorp's S-61 and Mi-17/Huey II programs in Afghanistan

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  1. Hi..I am being vetted by DynCorp as we speak for these three programs going to Afghanistan. Questions abound. At the same time DynCorp was reaching out for Volunteers, it seems several other Companies are running after the same Contract. (Evergreen, et al)

    WHO are they really "hiring" for these slots? I am forced to ask, and arch my eyebrows... despite all of my Russki ratings (Mi-2/8/17/21/24/35/26) (And I know of NO American Aviator (Other than myself!)that have
    seen all of these birds, much less have experience or ratings in them) DynCorp still fills these slots somehow (Magic)? But how? That is the question!

    What I suspect is, that the hiring process has turned into the usual "Good ole boys Club" , with all the real hiring and contacting of "qualified Aviators" is being done over Double Jack and Cokes and over the phone! If anyone here is currently on board with DynCorp, show some love, let me know whats the deal, or if I am just peeing in the breeze..thanks!
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    I have a few contacts at DOS Air Wing and will see if they will join and post some answers for you. I do know that the 61s are being run solely by DynCorp as I am going over to visit the program in a couple of months. The Huey IIs are also a DynCorp operated program.

    I think you will find operators are going after different contracts. Evergreen is already in country running AW139s and Bell 214s.
  3. Thanks a lot! That is actually just the tip O'the iceberg as far as my inquiry goes...without trying to portray "Sour Grapes" here, its just incredibly frustrating when you read their published qual's that they want and expect, then realize that there are probably less than 20 people walking/breathing in America that have them (as published) then, you ask around, and find out that they end up hiring old Rucker IP's and retired AF guys who havent pulled pitch in decades...just asking that they adhere to their own requirements and play fair, instead of resorting to the "Good ole Boys Club" and "Ft. Rucker Flying Club" mentality when it comes to hiring qualified personnel. Same goes for Evergreen...I remember them putting me through a grueling 7 day, 12 calls a day Interview process for the AW13/214 Program (I have flown the AW-139's in Europe, and Instructed in 214's and 412's in Switzerland) and yet again, as if by magic, they fill the seats! After a while it all starts looking like "Employment sleight of hand " or "Smoke and mirrors". Once again, I asked who got the AW-139 slots, all AF guys (Reservists) who had never even SEEN an AW-139 much less flown one! Just sayin'!
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    Maybe they just didn't like you. If you're that qualified and not getting hired, maybe you should consider a change in your approach. I'm not trying to be a dick, but it sounds like you're well qualified, you just need to find a different approach to close the deal. :beer:
  5. Oh believe me! Its all sugar and honey when I am on the horn with the people doing the hiring! My frustrations get vented in places like here, or with other hi-time Pilots that have served (or are serving) with me who ALSO see no rhyme or reason as to who gets the call. No worries...when I am online with the recruiters, or whoever reaches out...I do what I have to do...yes Sir's, yes Ma'am's abound. But its just hard when you see Dinosaurs with NO (and I repeat, NO) experience or rating in the Bird in question getting these very lucrative jobs...just to see them keel over from a stroke a month in (has already happened 2-3 times) just because they chose the old boy network, over getting someone fit, and ready to fight in the Cockpit. I hear that is a constant in the civvie MEDEVAC industry and Cop units as well, but instead of hiring old farts, they tend to hire really low time 120hr wonders, fresh out of Schweitzer 300 training, and have them suddenly flying Dauphins and A-Stars in challenging conditions (because they know someone, or are just cheap to hire) and Voila...Class A mishaps across the board. I am probably just preaching to the Choir, but I'll hold my final verdict about the whole deal until I get some accurate on the inside Intell about what is really going on over there at DynCorp and Evergreen. As a note, I get "called" on what has been percieved as an "Anti Blue Suit" mentality as far as Helo ops in Afghanistan and Iraq goes, but I (once again) watched in utter amazement as Air Force reservists (old Pave Low& H-3 jocks) all were called in to set up and begin basic flight training for the Afghan Army Air Corp, NONE of which had ever even seen an Mi-17 in real life, and watch as they not only all got free transitions, then later IP ratings in that when the program then became privatized, and DynCorp gets the contract. What happens? Joe AF Blue Suiter takes off all his Patches, and slaps on a DynCorp patch...voila! jealous? Sour Grapes? Nope. But they are not following the stated hiring practices that they put out for getting trained guys in those IP slots. Less than 30 days after the Wall fell in Germany, I was flying Hinds in Magdeburg! back in those days, unless you were a Border Pilot (Like myself and my colleagues) you had never even SEEN a Hind up close, and here I was flying it. So, I am prolly the first US Army Aviator ever to fly one...maybe not? Just saying... and to date? I have flown ever single variant of the Hind known Worldwide (not to mention all the Mi-s/8/17/21/26) time as well. Why mention it? Because when they came up with that whole scheme to use that Bird as the Iraqi and Afghani Lift helo, everyone that knew me said "Hey Jim , I'll bet you'll be the first one they call". Nope...they used (and continue to use a bunch of old AF guys for some reason). Anyway, all I want, is for the phone to ring, and for the chance to get in on this, or the Huey II IP program, and just get back to it! The Reserves & flying MEDEVAC isn't paying the rent, so something has to happen, and pronto! Once again...just waiting to pass final judgement on the whole scenario once I can get some inside Intell by someone wearing a DynCorp flightsuit...they have the keys to the kingdom and the inside track somehow.
  6. I thought this was fitting to the Topic...

    "The spirited horse, which will of itself strive to win the
    race, will run still more swiftly if encouraged."

    -- Ovid
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    Sounds like you've got to 'know someone' to get in. Not surprising. I know a couple of the guys who are working on the Huey program in Afghanistan. A good friend of mine knows them too and is well qualified to fly their missions but he still didn't get hired. I guess you're not the only one.
  8. Just got contacted (again) for the Huey II program that I have applied for (12 times) already....the saga continues! I think there are 3-4 different outfits that want the Contract, but dont have they all attempt to sign the relatively small number of us that are qualified to do the Mission...then, just hope they get it...there are only a finite number of Helos/Jobs/guys that can fly that Mission...we will see.
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    Jim pls PM your full contact to me, we may need people of your profile soon / within 1-2 months....
  10. On a good note, yet ANOTHER recruiter from DynCorp called outta the blue yesterday, and she needs me "yesterday" , on Loan to the State Dept and flying the awesome MD-530's (this gig is in Baghdad, so its probably the old Blackwater contract), maybe a break in the case! Fingers are crossed!!
  11. Hi, looking for the IM tab? Way to send a message?
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    See the Forum Help section. All explained there. :thumb:
  13. OK! Good news (FINALLY!) After chasing tail for months and getting all wrapped up about wanting to IP in Russki birds, I was contacted by the MD-530 Team leader in Iraq (Swore I would never set foot back in that shithole again!) Things are looking good...question, and I will report it as an independent thread...does ANYone here have an up to date Start up checklist for a MD-500/530? I contacted MD but they want (gulp!) 125$ for one! (Riiiiight!) Does anyone have one thats scanned and sendable in PDF format? Or can mail me an extra one they may have? If so, contact me ASAP! Appreciate it!! ALL THE WAY!
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    Good luck brother :beer:
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    Where'd you get all the experience in the Mi products? Were you ever part of the State Department contract at Bliss? Where did you get the -26 time?
    I know a few folks in the Mi word and may be able to point you in the right direction.
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    This is way to funny

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